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The Fibertex DIY facemask initiative was launched recently by Fibertex SA to help the people of South Africa protect themselves during this frightening time of COVID-19 and forms part of the company’s commitment to making life better for all South Africans.


The Fibertex FT3 Facemask DIY Initiative

Fibertex FT3 fabric facemask kits - which comprise every component required to make over 50 three-ply washable, reusable and durable masks for children and adults - have been well-received by the domestic sector, as well as charities, entrepreneurs and rural communities. DIY packs are also supplied to the retail sector.

The local Fibertex team hopes to make an impact through economic upliftment, by enabling all South Africans to provide a necessary product, exactly where it is needed.

Already, we have seen the wonderful generosity of the South African spirit arise, as numerous individuals and organisations have stepped forward to purchase products for a donation as “seed capital” to launch micro-businesses.

We care about the preservation of people and sustainability of our environment.

We want to improve the quality of life for everyone in a world which is constantly changing.

FT3 DIY Facemask Kits

FT3 do-it-yourself facemask kits consist of three layers of chemical-free (no chemical binders) fabric, sufficient elastic and a spool of cotton, complete with two spare filters per mask. These packs are supplied with a step-by-step pattern, that even those who are unfamiliar with a needle and thread are able to follow and those without a sewing machine can complete.

Fibertex recruited the services of a local pharmacist - who not only has extensive experience in TB and HIV research, but is also familiar with clothing design and manufacture – to develop FT3 facemasks.

Critical factors considered in the design included maximum protection, durability and comfort, as well as no irritation to sensitive skin. It is also important that masks maintain their shape over time, so that people are able to breathe easily during extended periods of wear.


Instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in communities around South Africa


100% Locally Produced

The three layers of Fibertex materials that are used to make up FT3 facemasks, are 100% locally produced at the Fibertex KZN plant, in line with strict quality and health standards, including the requirements of the South African Health Department. All fabric has also been subjected to stringent testing by local authorities and independently evaluated at a leading South African University, with outstanding performance results.

Filtertex PF90 nonwoven fabric forms the outer and inner layers of the mask. This Polypropylene fabric is non-absorbent, hypo-allergenic and free of chemicals - perfect for sensitive skin.

Fibertex Breathetex 140 nonwoven filter media - the critical middle filter layer of the mask – is manufactured from a blend of Polyester and Polypropylene fibres, with non-absorbent, hypo-allergenic, chemical-free properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're determined to help save lives and flatten the curve as quickly as possible.

Enabling all South Africans to provide a necessary product, exactly where it is needed.


Please view the video below for step by step instructions on how to create an Easy DIY Facemask.

Please click on either of the buttons below to download the pattern and instructions in PDF format.

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