It’s now even more important to mask up

This virus is still with us, it hasn’t gone away and it isn’t likely to disappear any time soon.

What’s different in Level 2 is that more people are out and about now, which is why it’s even more important to wear a facemask in public areas. We shouldn’t think twice, we should now be treating facemasks as just another garment to grab as we leave home each day.

Scientists have proved that when an infected person coughs, they can send showers of tiny droplets filled with the COVID-19 virus into the air. The reality is that many people go about their business, not knowing they are infected. Once someone is infected, this highly contagious virus multiplies and particles become suspended in the bodily fluids of lungs, mouths and noses. There are even fears the virus can be spread simply through speaking.

So, it’s up to each of us to do what we can to protect ourselves and those around us.

Experts say that facemasks – manufactured from correct materials – help reduce transmission in the community, particularly when used in public transport and in crowded areas. Authorities also say facemasks should be used along with regular hand-washing and social distancing. It’s also important that we try not to touch our faces and do not share facemasks or filter media.

We do need to be very careful about what type of facemasks we are entrusting to protect us. According to specialists, facemasks manufactured from inferior components do not provide the protection needed to prevent the transfer of this virus. It’s a concern that inadequate facemasks can create a feeling of false security, further endangering us and everyone around us.

FT3 DIY facemask kits have been developed locally to help save lives in South Africa.

FT3 fabric facemask packs comprise every component required to make over 50 3-ply washable, reusable and durable masks for children and adults. What’s important about FT3 facemasks is they are good-quality, comfortable to wear and offer maximum protection. They also maintain their shape and do not irritate sensitive skin.

These facemask kits – with approval from local authorities – consist of three layers of chemical-free fabric, elastic and cotton, complete with two spare filters per mask. Packs are supplied with an easy-to-follow pattern, that even those who are unfamiliar with a needle and thread can follow and those without a sewing machine can easily manage.

Apart from offering protection against the spread of this unforgiving virus, the FT3 DIY facemask initiative is also helping vulnerable communities to start homegrown businesses, by sewing and selling facemasks to neighbours.

We urge businesses, churches, schools, families and retailers, to support vulnerable communities by buying ready-made FT3 facemasks or DIY packs. Let’s all do our bit to help stop the spread of this virus.

By wearing a facemask whenever we venture out, we protect each other and lower the chances of future surges and lockdowns and we increase the chance of eliminating the virus.

This is a small price to pay for keeping safe.

Please contact Fibertex South Africa directly (+27 31 736 7100) or go onto the website ( to find out more about FT3 DIY facemask kits.

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